LipoMelt Pro

Ultimate Light

The flagship model of the brand name business is Ultimate Light. We feel proud in this state-of-the-art, beautifully built machine, which has proven to become the most powerful and most successful in its class, and has received countless testimonials from its users. The official dedicated portal for our Ultimate Light online outlet is hosted here (click here).

The Ultimate Light is a third-generation Lipo LED manufactured in the USA that offers 880 nm and 635 nm wavelength lights. The individual diodes with 100 mW per diode are best-in-class imported from Germany and the packaging is well-structured with the best engineering, ensuring high energy density and distribution (high fluence).

The units generate much more energy than any of their rivals. The elevated power supplied to the adipose tissue easily removes fat. The human body’s absorption of LEDs (70%) is far higher than conventional lasers (40%), rendering the LED technology inherently efficient. In fact, the light of 880 nm improves the formation of collagen and elastin, rendering the unit excellent for wellbeing.


Each pad is classified at 500,000 mW, and 6 such pads are fitted for the units. The pads are versatile, and each pad is built to suit the target part of the body (arms, thighs, abdomen, neck/face, etc.) and function optimally.

Under each pad, the diodes are tightly packaged, with 100 mW per diode. It is possible to monitor the pads entirely. The Ultimate Light is entirely operated by a touch screen, rendering it easy to work. Each pad is fitted with a port for a connector.


After being used on each patient, the pads are simple and quick to clean. This makes the machine hygienic and sanitary, thus making it easy to meet the speed requirements of commercial systems, quicker and simpler than most other machines.

Heat Management

The Ultimate Light also has state-of-the-art heat control system, ensuring that the devices never get hot and have to be shut down (which was a problem in many of the first and second generation machines). You will spend hours using it with back-to-back patients.

Pad and Power Specs

Multi-port Controller

Six pads and face masks are equipped with the new Ultimate Light, which can all be used together at the same time. In a single session, this will allow you to thoroughly heat up eleven different body regions in parallel. This involves the legs, thighs, buttocks, the area of chin fat, arms, the region of bra fat, the regions of the chin where fat accumulates, the belly, jowls and the face, all in parallel throughout the single given session.

Easy to Use and Fast Results

Using the Ultimate Light, the customer is basically bundled up inside a 5000 strong red and near-red microchip blanket. The newest, large, versatile pads provide more surface area than most of the available alternative brands and models.

Safe to Use

Our units cover the materials with advanced technologies in place, and penetrate the LED-emitted light far superior to other LED devices and low-level lasers. But it is with no risk, and because the treatment process can easily be carried out by any staff member who receives a bit of training.

Session Requirements

It’s around 15-20 minutes each session. Depending on their physical circumstances and needs, a patient would usually require 8-12 sessions.

Ultimate Light is the Latest and Most Superior Technology

The lipo laser/LED tech world keeps advancing. Today, in the third generation, we are (635 nm wavelength machines). I-lipo, Lipolight, Vevazz, Zerona and PureLight were the other devices of the generation.