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“Recapturing your client’s youthful glow and appearance”

How Does Trifecta Light’s Non-Surgical Face Lift Work?

It is well known how red and near-infrared LED technology influences fat cells. However, only the technology of Trifecta Light can create near-infrared light beams with the strength required to increase the body’s output of collagen and elastin, resulting in:

  1. A drop in wrinkles and fine lines.

  1. For a younger, more energetic look, an improvement in facial volume and firmness.

  1. Reduction of blemishes from aging and damage to the sun.

  1. Beneath the chin and jowls, a drop in sagging and loose skin.

No Surgery Necessary

The unattractive changes that come with aging, no more than in the face, everybody wants to minimize. The most effective way to tackle the effects of time on the face, however, until now, was by invasive, painful, and costly surgical face lifts. Now, furthermore, with a non-surgical face lift by Trifecta Light, this can be prevented. Our advantages include:

  • Non-invasive care, non-surgical, and completely painless.

  • No time of healing.

  • The adjustments take place underneath the skin, so it looks (and is) entirely normal.

  • Active on skin and skin tones of all kinds.

  • Treatments, usually less than 30 minutes each, twice a week, are simple and convenient.

LED therapy is suitable for the removal of skin damage, the reduction of visible wrinkles and fine lines, and the reduction of fat and sagging skin. All of these make the model1 therapy suitable for toning the skin and, most importantly, raising the face. Using the Ultimate Light, with natural-looking results, you will stay young and radiant, remove your face-wrinkles, regain your facial volume, make the skin toned and sparkling, and all with zero pain and tension because it is non-surgical and non-invasive throughout the process. Moreover, it is fully stable and takes no recovery time. All it takes is about 10-12 sessions of about 20 minutes each.